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Has the famous Malayalam movie one-liner ‘Math forms the pulse of this planet’ ever puzzled you? If bethought, it might not give you a yes/no answer. But we may never know until the world of statistics would come into the picture. It shouldn’t amuse the business world anymore that the statisticians will be the genus they would eye with highest level of curiosity in the coming years. If you ask why, we’ll have only one answer. ‘Big Data’.

As the business around the globe is focusing heavily on Big Data Analytics for smoother operations and optimized marketing, statisticians are counted on by the industry to take the onus up and deliver the real-time results.

Machine Learning, Predictive Modelling and Patterning, Data Mining in Social Networking Sites and all the other available free data sources are the most important tasks ahead for the corporate in order to improve business and thereby stay at the forefront in the competition.

Students will be imbued with the basic skills and know-how and will also be certified by testifying to their participation which would later help them for interviews and similar processes while in search for jobs.

We intends to drive the students from Mathematics/Statistics departments into The Big Data Way and guide them to help embark a career on Data Analytics. Data Scientists and Data Analysts are ready to take the world of business and services by storm.

At least 490 among the top 500 fortune companies have a Big Data initiative underway. Big MNCs like IBM, Google, Deloitte, Capital One, General Dynamics and more are coming up with more offers for the statisticians or math grads who specialize in data science/analytics.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for a new Generation of Top-Notch Data Analysts!!

Programme Highlights

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Storing & Processing Big Data
  • Tools & Techniques to Analyze Big Data
  • Developing Big Data Strategy
  • Implementing a Big Data Solution
  • And Many More...



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