Industry Webinar on 1st October

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For the Freshers seeking a Career in Cloud Tech.

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Free Industry WorkShop for Institutions

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TIPS services

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Redefining SaaS

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Beyond your kid’s Online Coding Class

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Thought of writing this now as it does not look good to disregard a situation where the perception of today's parent about building an IT career for their kids is getting quite a bit unrealistic. I still remember a "Case" in the curriculum while I was at the B-school. ie, an article which described "Herd Behavior" in animals as well as Humans. Well, Well - yes, I am coming to the "Coding for Kids" online scenario that has been in the air for sometime by now :) Atleast for some of the parents - WoW - the kiddos in their trousers are all busy designing space crafts using Python. Notwithstanding the fact that Space is such a wonderful topic, and Python, a coherent language ideal to begin to learn coding with, but it's a little weird to think that coding is the main dish in the restaurant of IT. Which are the best programming courses online for kids? - Quora[continue reading]

Feature by – JaiHind Channel – Click to Watch

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iNode Technology Consulting team to lead DevOps and Infrastructure of Global IT Firms

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iNode’s Technology Consulting team is all set to provide its expert services in DevOps and Engineering segments to a leading USA based B2B IT Infrastructure firm.  A team of five  is currently hands on with the project having a scope of expansion up to 25 Engineers in the forseeable future.   technology-consulting Being a lead skill developer ever since 2014, iNode has an Alumni of tech leads in the IT industry and a team of trainers who has expertise in varied areas. However we intend to  limit technology consulting services to areas such as DevOps, Data Centre and Infrastructure  Management, Quality Assurance, Python, Web/Mobile Development and Product Management for its reputed clients. An industry presence spanning six years with a focus on Skill Development, Training Infrastructure and HR, helped iNode foster its capabilities as a ... [continue reading]

“Trainer Online” – Interactive IT training Launched

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IT learning made End-to-End online. 85% OFF. Enroll, skill up, certify online and get placed through iNode Talent. For details, Click Here      

New Facility Launched in Thrikkakara, Kochi.

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On this July 15th [caption id="attachment_243" align="alignnone" width="604"] Opening of the learning centre.[/caption]
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