Beyond your kid’s Online Coding Class

Posted on : April 10th, 2021 by : admin
Thought of writing this now as it does not look good to disregard a situation where the perception of today's parent about building an IT career for their kids is getting quite a bit unrealistic. I still remember a "Case" in the curriculum while I was at the B-school. ie, an article which described "Herd Behavior" in animals as well as Humans. Well, Well - yes, I am coming to the "Coding for Kids" online scenario that has been in the air for sometime by now :) Atleast for some of the parents - WoW - the kiddos in their trousers are all busy designing space crafts using Python. Notwithstanding the fact that Space is such a wonderful topic, and Python, a coherent language ideal to begin to learn coding with, but it's a little weird to think that coding is the main dish in the restaurant of IT. Which are the best programming courses online for kids? - Quora[continue reading]
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