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Thought of writing this now as it does not look good to disregard a situation where the perception of today’s parent about building an IT career for their kids is getting quite a bit unrealistic.

I still remember a “Case” in the curriculum while I was at the B-school. ie, an article which described “Herd Behavior” in animals as well as Humans. Well, Well – yes, I am coming to the “Coding for Kids” online scenario that has been in the air for sometime by now 🙂

Atleast for some of the parents – WoW – the kiddos in their trousers are all busy designing space crafts using Python. Notwithstanding the fact that Space is such a wonderful topic, and Python, a coherent language ideal to begin to learn coding with, but it’s a little weird to think that coding is the main dish in the restaurant of IT.

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No!  Absolutely it is not.

When I began coding at a young age, yes at 15, there was no one who could help much with the learning. We just were gulping the coding books from the school library and trying to code a little graphics and games. And the most enthralling stuff on the computer for that age may still be the same, I’m sure. Bill Gates too, ofcourse was getting on to our nerves that time, a long way back – in 1996.

Still, quite interestingly though, my prolonged career in IT involved very little coding, rather more of it was about playing intensively with the code and the bugs the other coders made. Trust me, that amounts upto 40% of the whole work done in the IT industry !

Yes, learning coding helps the youngsters. It does make us understand the technology around us a lot better, but at the same time it need not speculated to be a major career of the future.

Any person who has a command of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), knows the whole game  I am speaking about. Coding is fun, and it does not hurt if everybody learns it. At the same time the kiddos and the parents should be aware that, coding in Python is only a subset of the whole bunch of opportunities IT has to offer. And everyone chasing the same thing may not get converted into a healthy output at large in the long run. At some point of time, the real talent of the individual should be identified and focused upon in order to find a good job and build a successful career.

IT is huge which can offer many of the young aspirants with a good career, but 60% of the major jobs to come up in the future IT industry is not coding at all. And out of the 40% of the coding jobs, only a quarter is going to be in Python !

Here are a few Major areas where the future IT would need much talented resources other than Coding:

1) DevOps

2) Testing

3) Digital Marketing

4) Online Content Management

5) Analytics

6) Cyber Security.

7) CRM/ERPs.

8) Technology Managers.

9) Product Managers


11) Multi Media Engineering, Editing, Publishing

12) Database/Cloud/Server Administrators

13) Edtech

There can be more into this list for sure.

It’s a fact that IT always readily recruited the people who took the road less traveled and with better offers. Those guys always had offers queued up regardless of the industry situations.The IT throne is neither for the guy in the herd, nor it looks for that guy who wear the trendy outfit of coding but it always ardently looks for that guy who holds a niche skill.

The MOTTO of this ever changing industry will not change anyway. It goes like this :

“It’s not the looks, but the work that matters”

Kiddos, keep in mind while you learn, that flexibility is the key if you wish to be in IT.




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